Support for people working in leadership and management roles in the business sector, social services and faith-based environments.

I specialize in working with leaders and managers who are feeling the stressful impact of role overload, ambiguity and conflict.


If you are feeling discouraged, unsupported, or overwhelmed, the opportunity to explore a variety of questions and concerns in a confidential environment which does not have an impact on your reputation or performance in your work setting, may be highly beneficial.

As a former senior executive with extensive experience supervising many employees in management and leadership positions, I am keenly aware of the demands of these roles and the unique elements that impact professional and personal well-being.


Leadership Support can help you with:

  • Attaining work-life balance
  • Safeguarding against burnout or recovery from burnout
  • Assessing your strengths and skills against those required for your position
  • Designing a short- and long-term work plan for:
    • Strengthening and optimizing existing skills
    • Developing the skills needed to be successful in the position
  • Exploring the impact of executive isolation
  • Enhancing your confidence and competence for the challenging functions of the position
  • Assisting new managers (particularly if they have been promoted from within their organization) to settle into their roles and responsibilities
  • Strengthening time-management and delegation skills across all areas of life
  • Understanding the impact of your current context with consideration for: workplace culture, your personal situation (life stage, health and other factors), the community you live in, and economic and political influences

There is no set number of sessions for this kind of counselling. Some leaders benefit from just a few sessions, while others may decide longer-term counselling is beneficial. It really depends on the individual and what is needed. It is common to attend 2-3 sessions and then return, as needed, as other issues emerge.

While you might choose this service for yourself, sometimes organizations will invest in their leaders, particularly if it is a new role or the leader is struggling.


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